Terms of use


This document regulates the general conditions under which Socrates Bulgaria provides services to consumers through its online store.

The products which are available on the website of www.sokrates-bulgaria.com do not constitute a legally binding offer and are just a demonstrative online catalog and a description of the products of the company.

The registration with  the website allows our users who want to place an order to get reliable information. Also to receive weekly newsletters, promotions, new products, gifts ideas and more.

When there is an advance payment or transfer made to the account of the company, the customer is entitled to choose between a refund, refuse the order or a replacement/new order.

To make a real order, we need every customer to provide the company: name, address, contact phone number and a valid email address.

Confirmation by phone always take place after complete order to specify further details on the implementation of the order.

In case the ordered items are out of stock or not available, the company notifies the customer. If the user doesn't agree the order to qualify for a similar model, out in time for charging or making items, the contract may be canceled. The refund for purchased product becomes after receipt of the consignment by the dealer and after he assured in its entirety. The refund is by bank transfer or money order within five working days of receipt of the consignment.



Delivery is made to accurately set your address or to an office of the courier company Econt in the city. Supply prices are set by the tariffs of the forwarding company.

In need of insurance for shipment, the sum insured is paid by agreement between the merchant and the customer.

Payment of ordered products by courier, can be made by cash, which includes the cost of delivery or prepayment by bank transfer.

Socrates Bulgaria will not be hold responsible in case of delay caused by the courier or another provider.
If there are any detected damages occurred during goods' transportation, the company is not to be hold responsible for servicing warranty of that particular product.

When we've got a false or incorrect address for contact person when filing the application, the company is not bound by any obligation regarding the performance of the contract.
When delivered goods do not correspond to the purchased and are not the same, the customer can ask for goods to be replaced by a corresponding request made by him within 24 hours of receiving delivery.


Socrates Bulgaria use your personal information solely for the purpose of proper execution of orders, and for the purposes for contracting and execution of contracts of sale, including delivery to the address you specify.

When initially provided data you enter in order from the online store of wrought iron, you submit personal information which is protected by the Law on Protection of Personal Data and will not be used or given to third parties.