About us

The team of Sokrates Bulgaria is pleased to present its new website www.sokrates-bulgaria.com. As for the company's activities it offers new and much better service.There you have the opportunity to order items and products online, or just check with us. The services we offer are:

• Development of our project for a desired product

• Ability to make an online order to produce articles on your original design;

• Using your own style, you can establish an online project using the built-in site "online designer";

• Extended product range - over 200 new models and products of wrought iron, brass, various supplies, etc .;

• Versatile park and garden furniture, lighting and decoration;

• Production of a new kind of metal processing - TIG-welding with argon;

• Soon - stainless steel railings or in combination with glass ...

Sokrates Bulgaria is a major producer and importer of components and sections of wrought iron for Bulgaria. This year has representation for the country of some five factory - foreign partner producer. The company offers a variety of products wholesale and retail elements in different price range. Socrates Bulgaria has a warehouse and workshop, a wide range of details already exceeds three thousand items. Standard or unique pieces of great artistic value and complexity of craftsmanship - hand-forged components or finished parts and blanks, everything can be offered.

In manufacturing, Socrates Bulgaria has qualified and motivated staff who are able to fulfill and implement virtually unlimited number of combinations, stylistic differences, distinctive design and not least the high quality products of wrought iron.

In order to meet the high demands of consumers, in addition to new machine tools of NEVӦ Germany, the company offers new services - TIG-welding with argon.Considering your interest in hand-forged boutique products, Socrates Bulgaria extends this product range, adding besides handmade gates and fences, manufacturing and furniture, fittings, accessories and decorations.

Also, Socrates Bulgaria enables customers to apply their own style in the design of products, not dependent on their application - swings, arches, candlesticks, hangers, flower, sets fire or otherwise.

Fundamental and priority objective of the company is to offer customers demand quality and aesthetics when choosing a wrought iron. Our products can be made entirely of hand-forged or finished parts. Customers can order manufacturing of products in their original design for this purpose it is necessary to send the same model and size of the product.

Upon request from you in the event of insufficient availability of the requested items from wrought iron, supply or manufacture are implemented as soon as possible.

Wrought iron products made by Socrates is a joint product of the performance of the company and the imagination of customers.

Positive reviews, recommendations, many regular customers and not least the ideas of users, help the company continue to develop.

Thank you evaluate our work!

From our online store www.sokrates-bulgaria.com you can choose and buy from components and preparations to various products and accessories made of wrought iron.